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You have landed in Mood-Town. Welcome!

You have landed in Mood-Town. Welcome!

Mood-Town is the proud home of many Funmoods emoticons and winks, who are here to share their story. In Mood-Town lives Little Red Riding Mood, a keen Facebook user.
Watch Adventures from Mood-Town as Little Red Riding Mood learns a few new things about the web and becomes a better, smarter, and more responsible online user.
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Why we released Safemoods

We decided to create and publish Adventures from Mood-Town as our contribution and active support for the issue of online safety for kids.
As we've witnessed our Funmoods community grow to include more than 10 million users, many of whom are children, we decided that it's our place to deliver a message of value to kids using the internet everywhere.
We believe that the best approach to reach a child is through good-humor and fun, as a way to engage their interest. We hope you'll enjoy our animations and find them useful for teaching children at home and in classrooms.

Our partners

IKeepSage is an organization that creates programs and project for parents and educators to help their children become a responsible, ethical digital citizen with healthy online relationships.
Public awareness raising project to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology in this event, especially amongst children.
A project led by the University of Oklahoma and the Police Department to foster Safety on the Internet and Cyber-wellness on children and teenagers
Long lasting project for all ages on all issues related to safety, secure Internet use and Facebook misuse.
A project that supports parents and children about safe online surfing. Currently launching a control parental leave for Mexico and Latin America.
A start-up made up of a group of German collegians who aim at helping students and children to use media safely and responsibly.
Design student for digital and print media with specialization in cultural and educational media- working for media.
English learning academy using the videos in the English lessons in all levels to foster Cyber awarenes.
Project led by teachers and coordinators of grades 10,11 and 12 on Safety on the Internet and the Unknown Other.