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Safemoods on MySearchDial

Safemoods is happy to announce that it is currently featured in the MySearchDial search page. MySearchDial, the tab browser extension, has already gotten 500,000 downloads from the Chrome App Store, and is also available as an add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can access Safemoods by clicking on the “Applications” menu at the MySearchDial search page, and get all the information you need on this unique initiative.

Safemoods and My Search Dial are a natural match. Both strive to provide a clean, safe and uncluttered surfing experience. Safemoods, of course, promotes responsible web surfing, focusing in particular on the use of social media networks. MySearchDial offers child friendly design and clean features.

Safemoods, an offshoot created by the Funmoods creative team, started as a project to promote online safety for children through funny and engaging animated videos. The fictional members of Mood-town were then created and recruited to help drive the message across: Molly Mood, Ushi, Flutz, Jenny and the supporting actors from Little Red Riding Mood: Grandma and the Wold.

By showing the Mood-town members in various social situations, Safemoods videos illustrate the dangers of chatting and accepting friendship requests from strangers, promote social involvement against bullying and encourage children to be natural and authentic among friends, to be accepted for who they really are.

Safemoods has already partnered with several schools and educational institutions around the world to convey this message, and its link to My Search Dial is likely to further promote the idea of surfing safely. MySearchDial’s feature of quick access to chatting and messaging on social networks will also benefit from the connection to Safemoods, as young users are more aware of how to behave when chatting and creating new acquaintances online thanks to this initiative.

Children will appreciate My Search Dial’s highly customizable tab page, which allows them to access their favorite sites easily on one page. They can change the background to an image of their own, adjust the number, size, color and texture of each dial, or link. Parents can also pre-customize the tab page to suit their children, by adding only pre-approved websites to the New tab page, and thus ensuring their children have easy access to the best and safest sites.

Become a smarter, safer online user - use Safemoods and MySearchDial to ensure you only get the best and safest online experience.